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Newly diagnosed prostate cancer that has spread?

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"Our study was able to recruit ~150 patients in around 4 weeks, but recruitment then slowed to just a few patients per day.

Stephen Lock 

Former Research Delivery Manager

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We use social media’s advanced advertising capabilities to find your study's target participant

We then create highly engaging social media adverts that increase awareness of your study and engage your ideal health research participant

Our system split tests the adverts created for your campaign and adjusts the campaign spend to focus only on the best performing adverts






We actively monitor the adverts for your study and respond to participant queries


Every 4 weeks you’ll get an easy to understand report to update you on how your campaign is performing

At that point, we commissioned the team of experts at Nativve to help us. By applying their social media advertising expertise, they were able to recruit a further ~600 patients in around 4 days, closing the study on time and to target."

Week 6: Spread The Word

Week 6+: Monitoring and Further Optimisation

Week 6+: 

Monitoring & Optimisation

You refer our amazing service on to your colleagues because you’ve seen how helpful social media can be in promoting participation in health research studies.

Week 5: Monitoring & Further Optimisation

Our system will keep monitoring and optimising your adverts until they reach your participant goal. If at any point you decide you no longer want to use social media as part of your campaign, you can cancel at any time.

Week 4: 

Participant Engagement

You’ll receive an easy to understand report detailing how the campaign is performing directly to your inbox. That way you can make an informed decision on your next steps, you may find you want to increase or decrease your weekly ad budget.

Week 4: Reporting

Campaign Setup

Week 3: 

Campaign Optimisation

People love to discuss their own experiences on adverts for Health Research so we monitor the conversation, respond to any questions the potential participants may have and moderate any unwanted or offensive interactions.

Week 3: Participant Engagement

Week 2: Campaign Optimisation

Our system monitors the performance of the adverts in your campaign and turns off any variations that are underperforming to make sure your target audience sees the most engaging advert for your study.

Week 1: Campaign Starts

From experience, we know that there is usually a time delay whilst waiting for ethical approval between the campaign set up and start date so we don’t charge anything after the setup fee until you’re ready for the campaign to go live. Then upon your final instruction we’ll turn the campaign on and weekly billing will resume.

We bill you the £149+VAT setup fee to build your campaign and send you the adverts for sign off. Once you’re happy we’ll send you images of the adverts for inclusion in your ethics application and await your proposed start date.

Before starting we will have discussed your study to understand eligibility. As a result we’ll be able to guide and help you to make forecasts for the ad budget and timeframe required. At this point we can provide you with previous study protocols that have used social media to adapt and include in your study’s protocol.

Proposal & securing funding

What you can expect...

"We worked with Nativve to support recruitment to an online survey of adults with diabetes in the UK in 2017. They provided a professional and friendly service and their promotion of the survey via social media made an incredible difference to its success - we exceeded our planned response rate. I would definitely recommend Nativve to other health services researchers!"

Dr Elizabeth Coates

Research Fellow - University of Sheffield

Dr Heather Robinson

Trial Manager - University of Lancashire

"We worked with Nativve over several months to develop and deploy targeted Facebook adverts for a hard-to-reach population. Nativve provided reports at monthly meetings which were extremely valuable in tracking success. We surpassed our recruitment target (n=800), with Facebook as our most successful recruitment avenue, accounting for 206 randomised participants."

The ATLANTA NHS clinical trial is now recruiting men interested in receiving additional treatments to their prostate and areas where the cancer has spread.


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Please note that you must have been diagnosed within 6 months of signing the trial consent form and not already had any chemotherapy treatment.